RugGear RG850 Black

Product image of the RugGear RG850 Black
Product image of the RugGear RG850 Black
Product image of the RugGear RG850 Black
Product image of the RugGear RG850 Black
Product image of the RugGear RG850 Black
Product image of the RugGear RG850 Black

Customers are happy with:

  • 12 megapixel camera, 1080p video quality
  • 5.99 inch LCD screen
  • 32 GB storage space (Expandable with Micro-SD)
  • Water and dust resistant (IP68)
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Everything about the RugGear RG850 Black

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Specifications RugGear RG850 Black

165 x 82 x 12.5 mm

210 gram

5.99 inch

1440x720 pixels

3072 MB RAM

Octa-core processor



Version at release: 8.1

12 megapixels

1080p video

32 GB memory

Expandable with Micro-SD

Pros & cons RugGear RG850 Black

  • Thanks to the sturdy casing, this device can survive a fall of up to 1.5 meters
  • This device is IP68 rated, so it's dust and water resistant
  • This smartphone runs on the user-friendly Android 8.1 Oreo
  • This device will easily last an entire day thanks to the 4000mAh battery
  • This device is not suitable for heavy tasks because it doesn't have a lot of computing power

Reviews from our customers

Average scores of the RugGear RG850:

30 verified reviews
4 stars
  • Camera: 7.3
  • Screen: 7.9
  • Speed: 7.3
  • Battery life: 7.9
  • Value for money: 9.1

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Description of the RugGear RG850

The RugGear RG850 is a robust smartphone that can handle some rough wear. If you're looking for a tough device that will always keep going, the RG850 is the phone for you! This device is fully dust- and waterproof, and comes in a shock-resistant casing.

The device also features a large display for all kind of content, a good pair of cameras, and a large 4000mAh battery that gives this phone a long battery life! It runs on the fast and user-friendly Android Oreo.

Shock-resistant casing

The RugGear RG850 has received an MIL-STD-810G certification, which means that the device comes in a shock-resistant casing. This device is able to withstand a 1.5 meter fall onto concrete, so it's very suitable for extreme work conditions. For example, it's perfect for people who work in the construction industry.

Fully dust- and waterproof

You can use this RugGear smartphone in any and all conditions. With the IP68 certification, this device is fully dust- and waterproof. It also survives a mud bath, extreme temperatures, and rinsing it under the tap is no problem whatsoever!

Large display for all content

RugGear has equipped the RG850 with a nice and large 5.99-inch display with a longer 18:9 screen ratio, making it perfect for watching all kinds of content! The screen resolution of 1440x720 pixels is slightly lower, but that increases the battery life.

You can use the touch screen of this robust smartphone even when your hands are wet or if you're wearing gloves. This means you can always use your phone, whether you're at work, or in the middle of a rain shower!

Quick pictures and videos

This robust device is fitted with a good pair of cameras, so you can capture every important moment. The 12-megapixel camera on the back takes pictures with lots of detail, while the 8-megapixel front camera shoots good selfies!

Long battery life

You may expect a good battery life in the RugGear RG850, as it comes with a large battery of 4000mAh! Your device will easily last an entire day, and even longer with average use.

Dual SIM to separate work and private life

The RugGear RG850 offers room for two nano SIM cards, so you can be reached on two different phone numbers at the same time. This might come in handy if you often travel abroad, or if you like to separate your work and private life!

Android Oreo

Out of the box, the RugGear RG850 runs on Android 8.1 Oreo, Google's mobile operating system. This makes the devices very fast and easy to use. Android gives you direct access to Google services, and lets you download your apps directly from the Play Store!

What's in the box?

  • RugGear RG850 Black
  • Charger
  • USB cable

User manual for the RugGear RG850 Black

The user manual is not included but can be downloaded or viewed here: Dutch user manual.

Warranty & Repairs

2 year factory warranty

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